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This program is directed to those seeking time tested alternatives to achieve wellbeing and balance body, mind and spirit naturally. After a detailed consultation and personal analysis, Rasayana will offer a variety of therapies to meet your individual needs.


Rasayana comes to life with the union of two therapists and their dream of offering holistic alternatives to treat a myriad of symptoms, thus harmonizing body, mind and spirit.


The vast knowledge in Physiotherapy, Shiatsu, Oriental and western Mind-Body therapies, Ayurveda Science, Martial Arts, endurance Sports, Dance, Yoga Therapy, Meditation and Breathing techniques is enhanced by a long time practice of the Native American Red Path tradition, the cultivation of Taoist Neigung/Neiwan traditions and the Ancient Indigenous medicinal plants tradition.


The Rasayana program takes place at Tort Therapeutic Elements, a holistic physiotherapy and multidisciplinary center. A highly qualified team of professionals in Physiotherapy, Physiatry, Acupunture, Family and Integrative Medicine, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine may help you further with possible health conditions. 


Evaluation sessions are scheduled on Mondays and may last between 1:30 to 2 hours. The Client is expected to follow some recommendations during the week as a preparation for the therapies which take place on the next weekend, depending on the program.


Rasayana will support you on your path of change and rejuvenation by helping you:

- Manage pain and inflammatory conditions

- Improve  energy and vitality

- Boost your immune system

- Create self awareness and health consciousness

- Achieve and maintain balance and tranquility within

- Teach you tools for self development




In Rasayana we speak Spanish, English, Portuguese (BR), Swiss German, German, French and Italian.




To make your experience more pleasureable, Rasayana offers you herbal teas.


After a head and face massage, two therapists will apply a warm herbal oil on your entire body to suit your individual metabolic type. Abhyanga promotes relaxation, tones the body and promotes circulation. Oils increase strength, relieve fatigue and help protect the skin. Duration: 60 min.

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A steady flow of warm oils is poured onto the forehead and applied into the scalp and neck. This treatment helps ease conditions like chronic headaches, migraine, insomnia and mental stress.

Duration: 60 min. 



Herbs, vegetables or flowers are made into a paste or powder and used on the body to relieve muscle pains, swellings, skin conditions. Works also as an exfoliant and light lymphatic drainage to expel toxins of the body. Applied by two therapists simultanoeusly. 

Duration: 60 min.

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Herbal juices or a combination of essential oils oils are put into your nose either in nose drops or inhaled. Duration: 20 min.


A special herbs combination to match your Dosha (body type) are taken in a fresh fruits shake for forteen days to detoxify, strengthen and protect your liver. Side effects... you might loose weight, feel energetic, disappearence of anger, brighter skin, better digestion and elimination. 


Relaxation, release, expantion all in one. Postures specific for your body type to strengthen your body and relax your mind. Duration: 60  min.


By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves to down-shift our normal waking consciousness to relax or reach a meditative state where internal healing can occur. Duration: 60 min.


In complete stillness you will find the greatness of the void. There are many types of meditation techniques all seeking to quiet the mind. The effects range from better focus, less anxiety and stress, better memory, more creativity an even more compassion. You will learn practices and make them your own, to reach the deepest better you inside.

Duration: 60 min.


Oxygen is the best medicine, how to master breathing and directing this oxygen to other parts of the body has been the aim of monks in mountain monasteries for thousands of years. There are techniques to lower the energy or to increase, to warm the body or cool it and breathing to make the breath disappear... Duration: 60 min and you whole life.


None of the above mentioned Therapies are ment to cure any existing diseases or substitue any medical treatment. If you have a special condition, are feeling sick, had surgery or an accident, you need to consult your doctor before engaging in any kind of manual therapie. Understand that massage therapies stimulate the circulatory as well as the lymphatic systems to move and expel toxins through urination, in some cases a healing crisis may arouse, either emotional or physical. As you let these toxins go, observed effects may go from an increase in urination and defecation, gases release, headache, thirst, to sadness or anger followed by a peaceful feeling of contempt.

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Nilsa has dedicated her life to the study of the heart-mind-body connection, using the principles of chinese, japanese and indian medicine.


Worked for many years in Advertising design. While living in Switzerland, Nilsa decides to study the ancient japanese healing art of Shiatsu. Graduates from the European Shiatsu Institute in 2006.


Nilsa trained Capoeira since 1994 and is a retired Professor now. Is a NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor since 2015. Nilsa is a Certified Apprentice of the Taoist KUNLUN® System. She is currently studying Medical Biomagnetism.

Published the book Rising Celestial Dragon and the Invisible Masters-Book 1 in 2018.


Founder of the Zen Shiatsu Caribbean Institute LLC


Living a life in sports and the injuries that accompany it, Aixa looks for ways to heal herself using aquatic and physical therapies. A long time sufferer from allergies and digestive problems, the need to change her diet was essential. This initiated the path in combining ancient healing therapies with western medicine. 


Graduates from Physical Therapy, UPR Medical Sciences Campus in 2002. Works with Aquatic Therapy since 2003. 

Completes the Sierra Bender

Wholistic Yoga Therapy® Teacher Training in 2011. 


Is a NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor since 2014.


Is a member of the PR Sports Medicine Federation.


Owner of Tort Therapeutic Elements Holistic Physioytherapy and Multidisciplinary Center.




A one-on-one session with a mind-body assessment that will identify your metabolic type (dosha) and give an idea of your current state of mind-body balance.The Ayurvedic Consultants will suggest an appropriate lifestyle, diet, herbs, and essential oils to bring you back into balance. Duration: 1.30-2 hours                                                          $125.-




The first step of the journey to a new you. Choose between Abhyanga, Shirodhara or Udvartana for a complete hour of surrendering and letting go.




Leave behind the stress of your everyday life. For the next three hours you will reprogram your self and nourish each cell of your body with vibrating energy. Includes tea and three therapies.



Ayur=Life  /  Veda=Knowledge


Is considered the world’s oldest holistic (whole body)

healing system, developed around five

thousands years ago in India.


Ayurveda comprehends all aspects of existence and

teaches that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance and integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. The primary focus is to promote good health, rather than fight disease. 


It utilizes diet, detoxification and purification techniques,

herbal and mineral remedies, oils, yoga,

breathing exercises, meditation, and massage therapy

as holistic healing methods.



at Tort Therapeutic Elements 

Theis St. # 1733, Lomas Verdes Ave., Rio Piedras Heigths,

Puerto Rico 00926

Tel: 787-206-2628 | 787-692-3646


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